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Leslie Ceresi


I was born and raised in the state of Maine. I attended Syracuse University, where I majored in textile design and surface pattern design. After graduation, I moved to Manhattan where I worked as an assistant fashion designer. My husband and I eventually ended up in Maryland via California, where I enjoyed doing interior decorating while raising our two children. We recently moved to Southport to retire. 

I love exploring with color, texture, and different mediums. Oil painting has been a new challenge for me that I am greatly enjoying. My work is inspired by the landscape and scenery of New England, as well as the beauty of the coast of North Carolina. I strive for simplicity in my work. Color, shapes, composition, and subject matter are more simple.  Adding texture with cold wax, while learning the many layers of painting are the surprising and challenging part for me, a puzzle to be solved on the canvas. 

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