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Cathe Thompson

Cathe is passionate about painting, drawing, weaving, sewing, beading, and just about anything that challenges her curiosity.


Finding happiness in the completion of a particular project is her challenge and absolute joy. 

She started painting and drawing in high school around the same time she learned to weave. Cathe learned to sew at The Singer Sewing School in NYC.

When she lived in Rome, Italy for 7 years, all these influences came together in a whirlwind of creation. She began using watercolor as she traveled quite a bit and this medium is quite portable.  Through her travels, she began collecting unusual objects to use in her art. This led to creating jewelry using antique buttons and semi-precious stones. 

When she left Rome, she spent several years in Montauk, NY at the beach writing about her experiences while teaching and training fitness classes, Pilates and Yoga. Walking the beach there, and now here in North Carolina, she collects shells and unusually shaped objects which she make into puzzles.

Currently, she am learning to use oils. She bounces from project to project finding influences from one medium inspire another.

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