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Anne McElroy

Anne grew up in Queens, NY. She found her love of oil painting at an early age and realized that she had a passion for it. To further her art education, she attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. During the next 35 years, Anne continued to paint off and on until she and her husband retired and moved to the Southport area. 

Realism dominates the style of her work and she takes pleasure in painting the many scenes of this beautiful area that is Coastal Carolina. As she is always looking to improve and expand her creativity and skills as an artist, Anne routinely collaborates with her fellow artisans and instructors alike. She has been successful in selling many of her paintings and delight in the thought that others enjoy them as much as she enjoyed painting them.

Currently a member of and displays at; The Joseph Bardani’s Gallery-Studios and The Franklin Gallery. 

Anne Painting.jpg
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