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Haire's Art

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“Sunset - Crossroads Gathering” August 24, 2023 20”x20” Oil on canvas  Natural Maple Frame

Sunset - Crossroads Gathering, Oil,   20" x 20", $1800

“His Chair” Oil on Canvas  16”x20” Nicel

His Chair, Oil, 16"x20", $450

“Pisgah Pottery Performs” Oil, 22”x22” 600$.jpg

Pisgah Pottery Performs, Oil, 22"x22", $600

MymmmmMy Shibumi” Oil on canvas  18”x24” $450.jpg

MymmmmmMy Shibumi, Oil, 18"x24",$450


Spathaphylium, Oil, 18"x24", $600

“Kentucky Maples - Horse Farm” Fayette County Oil on canvas 18”x24” 19th century vintage f

Kentucky Maples-Horse Farm, Oil, 18"x24", $600

“Hanging Rock” - View from Hanging Rock State Park Oil on canvas 2’x3’ 800$.jpg

Hanging Rock, Oil, 24"x 36", $800

“Four Trees” Oil on Canvas  12”x12” Nice

Four Trees, Oil, 12 x 12, $350

The Alps, Oil, 12"x12", $350

“My Backyard “ Oil on canvas 22”x28” Gallery Wrapped 600$.jpg

Hanging Rock, Oil, 24"x 36", $800

Works No Longer Available

“White on White” Oil on Canvas  20”x20”

White on White Oil, 20" x 20", SOLD

“Hay Bubbles” 20”x20” Oil on canvas  Sold.jpg

Hay Bubbles, Oil, 16"x20", SOLD

If interested in a painting contact Scotty Haire at or (336) 582-2856

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