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Ferrandino Work

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Peace I.jpg

Peace I  25X25  Acrylic on Board  $450

Coastal Sunrise IV.jpeg

Coastal Sunrise IV  23X20  Oil & Wax  $475

Sometimes Less is More I.jpeg

 Sometimes Less is More I 31X23 Acrylic  $600

Coastal Sunrise V-2.jpeg

Coastal Sunrise V  13.5x15.5  Oil& Cold Wax  $350


Harbor  19X19  Acrylic  $335

Coastal Marsh I.jpeg

Coastal Marsh I  13.5x13.5 Oil & Cold Wax $350

Jackson III.jpg

Jackson  III

Coastal Sunset I  10.5X13.5  Acrylic. $300

Collaboration VI  14X14 Oil & Cold Wax  $350

Completion I.jpeg

Completion I  10.5X10.5  Acrylic & Collage  $300

Cliff Dwellings I.jpeg

Cliff Dwellings I  10X10 Oil & Cold Wax  $300

Three Square.jpg

Three Square   13.5X37.5  Triptych Acrylic  $575

Collaboration VI.jpeg
Coastal Sunset I.jpeg
Winter Sunrise II.jpeg
Inferno I.jpeg

Winter Sunrise II  17X17  Oil & Cold Wax  $400

Inferno I  9X12  Oil & Cold Wax  $300

Floral I.jpg

Floral I. 10X13  Acrylic  $260

If interested in a painting contact Donna Ferandino at or ((910) 777-9983

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